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As predicted, Disney is already taking steps to integrate Disney+ and Hulu into one streaming platform. more
Cassian Andor will return. It’s just going to happen later than expected. Read more... more
Marvel Studios is not reacting well, at all, to having its first real box office bomb in 15 years. After years of unprecedented success, including four of the 10 highest-grossing films of all time, … more
Elon Musk, the owner of X, formally Twitter, had some strong choice words for companies who have decided to pull advertisements from the company after certain ads appeared next to pro-Nazi posts. more
The Marvels is likely going to end up one of Marvel Studios’ worst-performing films in a considerable period of time—and at a time when people are largely questioning the direction of a franchise … more
Disney CEO Bob Iger—who over the summer described the demands of striking WGA and SAG-AFTRA workers as “not realistic,” then pulled back on that harsh statement by pushing to end the strikes … more
“Go fuck yourself.” Read more... more
With both the Writer’s strike at an end and SAG-AFTRA’s suspend as it heads to vote on its next contract, Hollywood is getting back into the swing of things: announcing things, way, way, way … more
No matter what you think about the House of Mouse, the Force, or Marvel’s many assorted heroes and villains, there’s no denying Disney+ has might behind it. According to today’s quarterly … more
Welp, it’s about to become official: Disney will soon own all of Hulu, scooping up the remaining third that Comcast has held onto since Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox four years ago. … more
This is why we can’t have nice things. Following Netflix’s recent attempts at forbidding password sharing, Disney is now taking a page from its book. Disney+ is kicking off its own ban on account … more
Masterclass is becoming a shell of its former self as subscriptions dropped following spending thousands of dollars on A-list celebrities teaching the courses, including Disney CEO Bob Iger. The … more
The Walt Disney Co. has seen its share price get whacked around by the news of its carriage-deal issues with Charter Communications Inc.  The Burbank-based entertainment and media giant initially … more
Season two of the Marvel Studios show Loki is still set to hit Disney+ next month, but everything after that just got thrown in a blender. Some shows are coming earlier, some are coming later, and … more
Deadline reports that Hollywood studio execs are supposed to meet tonight in order to “get on the same page” regarding negotiations with the currently striking writing and acting guilds, … more
It’s a bad day to be named Bob and be a current or onetime CEO of Disney. As Deadline reports, Bob Iger and Bob Chapek are among the names attached to a lawsuit filed by investors “over the … more
During the months-long Hollywood strikes, both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA have managed to win the court of public opinion fairly easily. Studio heads like David Zaslav and Bob Iger made headlines for … more
The Walt Disney Co. is making an ad-supported version of its Disney+ streaming service available in Canada and select markets in Europe. The Burbank-based entertainment and media giant is also making … more