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Like Elsa’s song from the Disney movie “Frozen,” please, Gov. Ron DeSantis, “Let it Go.” Let go of your relentless fight with Disney.

Walt Disney World is under construction near Orlando in Central Florida July 7, 1971. At center is the amusement park's Cinderella Castle.
File/Associated Press
Walt Disney World under construction near Orlando in Central Florida July 7, 1971. At center is the park’s Cinderella Castle.

Walt Disney was one of the greatest visionaries of our time. The wonder and magic of imagination he brought to us all is one of our greatest treasures.

The joy and happiness the Disney experience brings is incomparable.

I can’t imagine a world without Disney.

I have closely followed every story about the vindictive takeover of this American treasure. When the Walt Disney Company spoke out against the “parental rights in education” bill, it was in defense of already marginalized people who are and will be affected.

Whether you agree with Disney or not, this is supposedly a free country where we can express ourselves without fear of retribution.

Perhaps the fact that Disney stopped making campaign contributions sparked this retaliation. Please, Governor, stop your lawsuit and give back Reedy Creek to its rightful owner. If the state of Florida was run as efficiently as Disney, Florida would truly be the “happiest place on Earth.”

Janice Breitwieser, Coral Springs

Snowbirds and taxes

A recent writer of a letter to the editor bemoaned the fact that Florida assesses homes owned by seasonal residents at a higher rate with no limits on annual increases.

While I have trouble working up sympathy for those who can afford to own two homes — one of them in Broward County, an area with a high cost of living —  the problem would be eased if the Canadian letter writer would claim his Florida home as his primary residence (which includes the homestead exemption).

I suspect that he hasn’t done that because it would eliminate his health care coverage, which is much less costly than what we have in the United States. Maybe he should consider the higher property taxes in Florida the cost of keeping his Canadian insurance.

Ann Carter, Rockledge

The search for matzo

Raj Tawney’s Viewpoint essay in the Sun Sentinel Sept. 20 about the family search for the matzo meal needed for Rosh Hashanah matzo balls was funny.

The search was finally rewarded at Whole Foods, and matzo balls were enjoyed by all. Happily I have not had such a problem, since Publix carries a good supply of matzo meal and other products associated with Jewish-style cooking. It is certainly true that our cultural diversity has diluted our taste and desire for things that were once important in our everyday lives.

We have added and subtracted, but not always wisely or easily. I myself have searched in vain for my culturally afar spice fenugreek. I have not found it locally yet, but I am not discouraged. In the meantime, I hope Raj Tawney knows there’s much more to Rosh Hashanah than matzo balls.

Sally Merzer, Boynton Beach


A letter published Sept. 20 concerning Tamarac’s controversial purchase of the Shaker Village condo clubhouse said Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine represents the Shaker Village community. Udine’s District 3 includes much of Tamarac, but not Shaker Village, which the county said is in District 8, represented by Robert McKinzie. Udine opposes the city paying for a new clubhouse, the county said.


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